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Han S*, Van Treuren W*, Fischer CR, Merrill BD, DeFelice BC, Sanchez JM, Higginbottom SK, Guthrie L, Fall LA, Dodd D, Fischbach MA, Sonnenburg JL
  • Constructed a microbiome-focused mass-spectrometry reference library and analytical pipeline (Python) to identify 800+ metabolites in diverse sample types
  • Discovered novel metabolic patterns across microbial phylogeny by strain-resolved comparative genomics and comparative metabolomics
  • Constructed gnotobiotic mouse models to toggle aging-relevant metabolites via manipulating microbes in the gut
*contributed equally
Gut-microbiota-targeted diets modulate human immune status, Cell (2021)
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Mono-unsaturated fatty acids link H3K4me3 modifiers to C. elegans lifespan, Nature (2017)
Han S, Schroeder EA, Silva-García CG, Hebestreit K, Mair WB, Brunet A
  • Discovered a novel role of bioactive lipids (mono-unsaturated fatty acids), which link H3K4me3 chromatin modifiers to lifespan extension in C. elegans
  • Described the molecular details responsible for the synthesis of these lipids in the intestine and for the germline-to-intestine communication
  • Demonstrated that dietary intake of mono-unsaturated lipids extends lifespan in the physiological context, highlighting their health benefits could be extended to mammals
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Duke Biochemistry